Oceanogràphic Museum

We stopped by the  Oceanogràphic Museum while we were visiting the Ninot Exhibition 2018. This is an amazing site that has the largest aquarium in Europe. It even has a glass underwater tunnel that goes through the aquarium so you can easily see the marine life; especially the sharks! I have provided a link below and some information if you ever want to look up the Oceanogràphic Museum.

The Oceanographic is the largest aquarium in Europe. The water is pumped directly from La Malvarrosa beach which we visited earlier. In keeping with the design of the City of Arts and Sciences the main building, by Félix Candala, is designed in the shape of a water lily. According to the Oceanographic website more than 45,000 animals of 500 different species are housed here including dolphins, sharks and beluga whales all inhabiting nine underwater towers. There is even an underwater restaurant.


(click on any picture to go to slideshow mode)

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