Street Art and Holi Life and Bicycles. Oh My!

Today’s blog is proof that our calendar has been full of an eclectic variety of activities and there is even more fun on the horizon. This week we managed to ‘see‘ art and ‘be‘ art all in the same week! Hooray for us!

We have been so busy we are getting behind on posting some of the major things we are doing so here we go!

The Incredible Street Art tour
Tuesday, we took an incredible Street Art tour. Nearly all the buildings in the city have businesses on the ground floor and apartments above. There are metal doors that roll down and lock when the business is closed. One fun little fact we learned is these doors belong neither to the building owner nor the city so graffiti artists use these doors as their canvas.
For more information and photos click here.

Holi Life Celebration
Unbelievable!! Sunday we participated in the Holi Life Celebration. Holi Life is a traditional festival of colors held in India to celebrate happiness and joy. Clearly, any festival that celebrates joy and happiness will spread as it has to Spain and recently to Valencia. We started off clean and white.
For more information and photos click here.

Fitbit, friend or foe?
Our Fitbit has become a great tool to have and it keeps us motivated. If the Fitbit indicates that we haven’t hit our daily goal, out we go again to walk down another new street. We are continuing to walk an average of 25 miles each week but we did rent bicycles one afternoon as sort of a trial run. It was the first time we have been on bicycles in years, so we decided to stick to the bicycle paths in the Turia Gardens. We couldn’t sit down the next day! The hard bicycle seats felt like they were remnants of some medieval instrument!

Friday Social Event
On Fridays we have a standing social invitation with a few American and Canadian expats that have been living in Valencia, some for a year or more. We join them each Friday night at a local wine bar. It has been fun, and valuable, to share experiences and stories. A different wine is poured each week, so we are doing our part in supporting some excellent Spanish wineries.
Speaking of wine, we discovered there is a wine cellar very near to us that was built in the 1300’s. It is believed to have been used as a wine storage facility beneath a mansion. Recently excavated it is now on view through the glass floor of a wine tasting facility. We hope to soon be able to get inside to tour and taste.

Salut from these valencianos,
Ted & Julia

4 thoughts on “Street Art and Holi Life and Bicycles. Oh My!

  1. Looks like you guys are having way too much fun😎😎
    Keep up the blogging,we enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing about your adventures👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really wish you could be a part of some of this. We are taking it slow and enjoying more of the non-touristy things but searching for churches and museums is a good way to get to know the city. Next month we are going to Bordeaux, France for their wine festival! Hopefully that will be just as much fun.


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