The Lighting of the Streets

There is so much going on its hard to catch it all. As the days of Las Fallas progress, crowds are growing, streets are closing and it is more challenging to get around.

During Las Fallas there are many competitions going on between communities. These competitions are not just about the fallas. There are paella cooking competitions, sports tournaments (as in bull fights), fallera pageants and the decoration and lighting of the streets. We had heard that there were a few ‘Lighting of the Streets’ shows that had to be seen so off we went.

This evening we headed to the neighborhood of Ruzafa to catch two shows. Once again, we were surrounded by hundreds of people as we all bunched close together in the narrow street to watch the evening’s entertainment. Many neighborhoods have a unique light show every night, on the hour, beginning at around 8 pm. For the two we wanted to see the lights are coordinated to music.

And Wow! The Ruzafa light show certainly did not disappoint! We had heard that in years past, the Ruzafa street lighting was one of the best and it was certainly fantastic. We then walked to Sueca to watch their street lighting and it was equally impressive.

Many of us have seen lights shows, but these are quite different and we thoroughly enjoyed them. We are really glad we made the extra effort to see these. As it turned out, we missed the 2018’s winning street lighting, however Ruzafa’s light show took second and Sueca earned third. I wonder what we missed…..

Salut from these valencianos,

Ted & Julia

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