Churches of Valencia

Paperwork is finalized! We are now official. Yeah!! And we managed our first hair cut! A successful week! Now we can start to branch out across Spain. Plans are already in motion. Things are about to get more exciting.

The end result of the haircut didn’t turn out exactly as we had hoped but it isn’t too bad either. Like the saying goes, the only difference between a poor haircut and a good one is about two weeks. €15 for a cut and €30 for a cut & style is probably a fair price but highlights the reality that many things here cost the same as they do at home. Nevertheless, another hurdle overcome.
That is what we love about traveling; experiencing new things like Holi Life (but that is for next week’s blog) is one of them. Travel opens your eyes to experiences that are different and here are a few surprises we have come across that made us smile. We don’t yet know how universal some of these experiences are but they are new to us.

– Some pillowcases are open on both ends. The first time I made the bed the pillow fell right through the pillowcase onto the floor. Surprise, surprise.

– Motorbikes and scooters occasionally drive down the sidewalk. Motorbikes and scooters park on the sidewalk.

– Patio doors will latch shut behind you leaving you trapped on the patio.

– Tables at outdoor cafes are sometimes close enough to the cars parked along the street that you can use the hood of the car for extra room.

– No matter how small the space they will still get a toilet and sink into it even if there is barely enough room for you to use any of it.

We also have to mention how much we both love the amazing cathedrals. One cathedral is just as stunning and beautiful as the next and each seems to have its own character and style. We have visited so many cathedrals here in Valencia and loved them all. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Cathedral of Valencia

We were surprised to find a church charge an entrance fee but in fact it is a fee for the church museum. In either case it was well worth it. As you can imagine this church, and the museum, are magnificent.

Parroquia del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

The nave of this church is stark in contrast to the Cathedral of Valencia yet refreshing. Most of the walls and ceilings are left unadorned in a monochromatic grey yet this church remains one of our favorites in this city.

Parroquia of St Nicholas

With wall-to-wall frescoes we found ourselves unprepared for this overwhelming work of art. Muted pastel colored frescoes cover every conceivable inch of the interior; each ceiling fresco telling a relevant story of the chapel opposite.

Parroquia del Santos Juanes – Valencia

The beautiful ceiling frescoes are in the process of being restored which will only enhance the remarkable decoration of the walls of the nave. This exterior of the church is in need of attention as well but this was still an enjoyable experience.

Iglesia San Juan del Hospital

The Church of San Juan del Hospital is in reference to a “hospitalier” or “a member of a religious order devoted to providing and caring for the aged, infirm, orphaned, sick or needy”. Decorated in an austere style the nave and chapels were unique in their simplicity.

Iglesia del Patriarca

The Church of Patriarch began as a university. With no significant benefactor the interior of the church is basic and beautiful at the same time. A wonderful museum is part of the tour but what we were not able to visit was the spectacular library of books dating back hundreds of years.

Parroquia del Buen Pastor

Parroquia del Buen Pastor has a beautiful slightly modern feel to it. It is very different than any other church we have found in Valencia. This church is not overly large but still worth a visit.

Iglesia del antiguo Convento del Carmen

The oldest chronological data of this church that was once a convent, says that the Order of Carmen was established in Valencia in 1280 and a year later King Pedro III of Aragon , granted rights to the Carmelite fathers to erect their first monastery in the city of Valencia.

Salut from these valencianos,

Ted & Julia

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