Touring Andalusia

In August we celebrated our 6th month of full time travel, so we planned to relax and enjoy the beach life. However, by the third week we were itching for a new adventure. A perfect time for our first road trip.

Adiós, Málaga

It’s time to pack our bags and journey on to our next destination.  As we say adiós to Málaga our memories will be of the fantastic views of the Alborán Sea (a subdivision of the greater Mediterranean Sea) from our apartment.

Málaga, City of Museums

Málaga is often referred to as the City of Museums, so it wouldn’t be right to visit Málaga without visiting museums. We may not have visited all of the them but we gave it a good try. Here are some that we enjoyed.

Summer Feria de Málaga

All this traveling and sightseeing has been exhausting. We needed a vacation. But where do you go in August, in Spain, that is relaxing, tranquil and has amazing sea views? Well, everyone else was going to Málaga so we thought we would too.

Gracias Granada

Our 200 year old apartment was midway up a steep hill in the Albaicín area, Granada’s oldest Arab district and we were lucky to face the impressive Alhambra on the hill opposite. The Albaicín is made up of narrow single-file alleyways, pretty fountains in nearly every square and, of course, sensational Alhambra views.

Cordoba, Spain

While enjoying a wonderful lunch and refreshing iced tea in an Arabian teteria (tea house) in Granada we met and had a great conversation with a couple vacationing from Austria. One of their recommendations to us was to visit the city of Córdoba, Spain.

Monachil, Spain

Above our beautiful little flat in Granada is a vacation rental that was recently rented out to a young female foreign student. Now you just might wonder how much trouble can one student get in to. Well that question has been, at least partially, answered.

The Alhambra

The Alhambra was the final location of Islamic rule in Spain and is the only surviving large medieval Islamic palace complex in the world. The Alhambra, meaning “Red Castle”, is a World Heritage Site and is absolutely unique in the world so it is definitely worth a visit.

Birthday Week!

Birthdays have been celebrated in this area of Spain for over 7,000 years so we thought it would be a great place to celebrate one of our own. And what a birthday celebration it was!

The Tastes of Spain

Sitting here in Granada we realize that we have been traveling around visiting festivals, churches and museums and the one thing we haven’t talked about (yet) is the food that we have been experiencing on our travels. So let’s rewind back to the beginning and start eating.