Adieu Bordeaux

June in Bordeaux was a delight. We had a full agenda every week and we experienced a great deal of what the city offered. The city is built in a crescent moon shape following the Garonne River and is known as Bordeaux, the ‘Port of the Moon’. It is located 300 miles Southwest of Paris….


A town named after a saint that was never canonized. A church carved in to one large rock. Wine stores on every corner and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Wow! Saint-Émilion!

Château Saint Ahon

We wanted to get out of Bordeaux to see at least one vineyard but wine tasting and driving don’t mix so renting a car was out. And we aren’t the type of travelers that enjoy large tours on a schedule. So, tram or train?

Fête le Vin 2018 (Bordeaux Wine Festival)

It is the week of the Bordeaux Wine Festival – Fête le Vin 2018!! Wine tasting, parades, a ferris wheel, tall ships, street artists and more wine! How could you not have a good time!

Bordeaux, France

We have arrived in Bordeaux, the world’s major wine industry capital. This first week we thought we would concentrate on the many outstanding churches in Bordeaux. Next week……the Bordeaux Wine Festival!

Narbonne, France

Travelling by train to Bordeaux we had to stop in the lovely French town of Narbonne. We absorbed as much as we could with only 22 hours before our onward journey. We certainly were tempted to stay longer.