First Day in Spain

February 25, 2018, our first full day of our new traveling life. Our first city, Valencia, Spain. It is Sunday and under the new laws here, all grocery stores will be closed on Sundays, beginning today. Luckily our Airbnb host left us some fresh pastries, oranges and coffee; almost all the sustenance one needs. Of course, cafes and restaurants are still open.

Spain is currently 9 hours ahead of California and after sleeping 12 hours, we spent the afternoon exploring, what will be our new neighborhood through the end of March. Very nearby we discovered the Bioparc Valencia, a 25-acre zoo park with a focus on the wild nature of the African continent: the equatorial forest, Madagascar, the large wetlands, the savannah and a large collection of African fauna.

Click here if you wish to visit or learn more:

To add a little more excitement to our first day, we inadvertently locked ourselves outside on our balcony. We saw fireworks so had wanted to go outside to enjoy them. We certainly didn’t expect the balcony door to lock behind us. Yikes! It was a chilly hour and a half we spent on our balcony.

Wish We had This

We went to celebrate our freedom at a lovely (and warm) Italian restaurant.

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