Église Saint-Louis des Chartrons

The district of Chartrons owes its name to the Cistercian monks who, to escape the fighting of the Hundred Years War, arrived in the farming area of Bordeaux in 1383.

In 1626 –
Cardinal François de Sourdis brought the Discalced Carmelites (or barefoot Carmelites) to Bordeaux and helped them to build a monastery.

In 1664 –
King Louis XIV decided to enlarge his Trumpet Castle and so destroyed the monastery.

In 1670 –
The Discalced Carmelites then obtained permission to build a big hospice and a chapel that they consecrated to Our Lady of Salvation.

In 1726 –
A new church replaced the old chapel. It was dedicated to Our Lady of the Visitation.

In 1791 –
By decree the Carmelites were expelled and the parish of Saint Louis in Chartrons was created, soon to be closed…and reopened once more after the Revolution.

In 1875 –
It was decided to demolish the existing church to rebuild a bigger one.
The church Saint-Louis of Chartrons is the ‘newer’ church, only completed in 1878 after this long and troubled history.

One last interesting fact we learned is that the church of Saint-Louis of Chartrons is said to have the largest symphonic organ in the Aquitaine region consisting of over 2800 pipes. 

We both thought this was an incredibly striking church.

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