Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánia (CCCC)

The Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánia  (CCCC) is in a former 13th century convent, with a bell tower and cloister.  Love that and it is just a block away!

The exhibit by Okuda San Miguel, (b 1980) a Spanish painter, sculptor and designer, is definitely something to be seen. He is known for his geometric shapes and figures and the abundant use of color. We found this exhibit to be vibrant and visually exciting and wonderfully juxtaposed with the historical Valencia that surrounds us. His work may look familiar, especially if you read our blog Fallas of the Las Fallas. He created the wonderfully colorful fallas that was ‘planted’ in the main government square (Plaza Ayuntamiento). It too was burned, on midnight March 19, during the  La Cremá.

Most of the work shown in this exhibit is oil on canvas, however there are a couple of woven and fabric pieces as well and a number of beautiful sculptures. We could visit this exhibit repeatedly and not tire of his use of color.

(click on any picture to go to slideshow mode)

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