Wine and Trade Museum

The Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum, housed in an old cooperage is located in our neighborhood of Chartrons.

The museum is made up of three cellars that have a collection of objects related to the wine industry. It focuses more on wine trade than on wine production and from the evolution of the wine merchant dating back to the Middle Ages to the present day. The Port of Bordeaux and its wine exports are illustrated by various artifacts, documents and films.

We also learned about various wine classifications over the years from the prestigious classification by Napoleon III in 1855 (the classified growths of the Medoc and Sauternes) to the Wine classification of Saint-Emilion in 1959.

Once you have completed exploring the museum, return to the shop for an informative wine tasting in the shop.

After learning so much about Bordeaux wines and and wineries elsewhere, we enjoyed this museum dedicated to the rich world of wine trade.

— Ted & Julia

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