San Juan de Dios

The Basilica of San Juan de Dios, built between 1737 and 1759, is an over-the-top, blinding display of opulent gold baroque decor.  The main chapel is an extraordinary massive gold altarpiece. With gleaming silver and gold throughout the basilica we are pretty certain that there wasn’t a square inch left undecorated! WOW!!

About 20 minutes into our visit a staff member invited us to accompany her up the stairs to the sacristy positioned behind the gold altar to view even more glistening and precious displays. What a truly amazing church.

We did learn that the buildings attached to the Basilica include a soup kitchen, various clinics and a hospital to aid the less fortunate of the city, all fully functioning even today.

We took so many pictures but we just don’t have the ability to show them all or do justice to the amazing architectural details of this wonderful Basilica.  If you want to learn more here are two good websites:


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