Parroquia de San Nicolás

It was challenging to find the almost hidden entrance to this church (down a narrow alley). We have learned to circle churches and museums as entrances are not always where you might expect to find them.

The Parroquia de San Nicolás de Bari y San Pedro Mártir (commonly referred to as San Nicolas) is a photogenic Gothic-style church. It is locally referred to as the Sistine Chapel of Valencia. Although much smaller, this church, like the Sistine Chapel, has been completely restored. The colors and details in the ceiling are somewhat muted but still spectacular. We found the paintings to be impressive and the pictures easily interpreted.

Once again headsets are included in the entrance price and the narrated explanations are fascinating for each of the chapels, the ceiling, the nave and the overall history of the church. We recommend the audio guides as the commentary brings the church and its history to life.

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