Museu Del Jardí Botanic

The Universitat de Valencia Jardi Botánic was created in 1567. For 200 years medicinal plants were grown in the garden for medical education purposes. In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, the garden was moved to various locations, with Quart Street being the final site chosen by the University. Throughout the 19th century it became the venue of botany lectures and acclimatization experiments with agricultural plants. The University of Valencia completely refurbished the gardens in June 2000.

Today these botanical gardens cover a large area and there is quite a variety of plants and trees. We thought the cacti especially looked extremely happy and healthy. The warm dry climate in Valencia is similar to Southern California so we recognized many the plants or at least the species.

We found this garden quite by accident and spent a couple of hours taking far too many photos. It was difficult, as usual, to pare the number of photos to just the 20 or so listed below.

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