Museo de Rocas

This morning proved to be quite fun. Yesterday Ted had found another museum that he found interesting and surprised me with a visit today. Learning the history of the contents of this museum certainly added to the delight of this find.

Construction of the building began in 1435! About 10 years later it was bought by the City of Valencia to house the ceremonial horse-drawn carts used in the Corpus Christi festival. The carts, known as Rocks, are what the museum is named after; Museo del Corpus – Casa de las Rocas (House of the Rocks). The rocks are beautifully decorated carriage floats built as mobile stages for the performance of Els Misteris (Mystery plays), acted out during the procession.

Today there are eleven Rocks, all drawn by horses, paraded in the procession, or cavalcade each year. Five of the Rocks where built in the 15th century with the most recent one built in 2001. The Rocks are enormous in size and impressive with their detail. We found it hard to wrap our heads around the fact that they are so old. Giants also play an important part in the festivities and there are quite a number on display. We have also seen similar giants used in religious festivities in central Mexico.

The Corpus Christi festival is the third largest Christian festival celebrated in the world. It is held 60 days after Easter and has been celebrated in Valencia for more than 650 years. This museum was indeed a treasure to find.

Don’t you just love surprises like this?

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