Museo de Málaga

The Museo de Málaga was created by combining two museums: the fine arts and the archeological museums.  It was quite large with over 2,000 pieces in the Fine Arts collection and more than 15,000 pieces in the Archeology collection.

We particularly liked the wonderful pottery, tapestries and statues from Roman times. The exhibition was so large that we managed to get lost and found ourselves walking around the museum’s storeroom and archives which was just as amazing as what we had been looking at out where we were supposed to be. Needless to say we found ourselves talking to a museum security guard who pointed us to the Fine Arts collection.

The Fine Arts collection was as good as any that we have previously seen in other cities. Primarily Spanish artists are represented in the collection and there are some wonderful pieces from artist’s we were not familiar with. Two museums for the price of one and we didn’t get arrested! It was a good afternoon!

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