Église Notre Dame

Notre-Dame church is sensational. It was built in the baroque style around the end of the 17th century. The exterior has beautifully carved moldings on the facade. Within the medallions near the top of the church are four popes of the Dominican Order and below are four large statues of great doctors of the Church. Both the church and the striking organ cabinet are listed as French historic monuments. Many concerts are held at Notre-Dame because of the remarkable acoustics and surroundings.

We particularly liked the beautifully painted side chapels in Notre-Dame. A typical nave built during this time would be barely half the length of the impressive 200 foot long nave at Notre Dame. This nave is simple and pure and achromatic, however each of the shallow side chapels have elaborately painted backdrops further accenting the altarpieces and decoration within. The colorful side chapels are a delightful contrast next to the main body of the church. There are also a number of beautiful pieces of art hung throughout Notre Dame. These pieces are dated between 1712 and 1735 and were painted by André Jean, also known as Brother André.

We visited Notre Dame a couple of times and each time came away with a greater appreciation for this church.

— Ted & Julia

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