Cathedral of Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón

The church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was originally built in 1595. It was demolished during a revolution in 1868 and then rebuilt in 1885. Jesuit priests continue to be in residence here to this day. We found it to be absolutely beautiful in it’s relative simplicity and far less adorned than many churches we have visited to date. One of the side chapels had a particularly striking teal colored dome that is eye catching.

The organ in this church is massive and even has its own name; Organ Cabanilles. Organ Cabanillas is one of the largest in Spain. It has 5,000 tubes and is 12 meters high by 8 meters wide. The organ and its setting is indeed spectacular.

Most of the walls and ceilings are left in a monochromatic grey, yet this church remains one of our favorites in this city.

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