Carmen Thyssen Museum

This museum houses the private collection of Baron Thyssen along with a separate collection of Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza. The museum was created to conserve and disseminate the Carmen Thyssen Collection in order to emphasize the value of Spanish painting, especially that of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. We think they do a very good job of doing just that. We recommend visiting this museum of primarily Spanish artists.

Currently, each Sunday, the last two hours of the museum’s opening hours offer free attendance. Since the regular entrance fee is 9€ this is a very popular offering so be prepared for long lines. The last Sunday in August we arrived an hour early to stand in line and were able to enter right at 5pm. When we exited at 6:30pm there was still a very long line outside.

We thought it was well worth our time; clearly others do too.

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