La Real Parroquia de los Santos Juanes

La Real Parroquia de los Santos Juanes (The Royal Parish of St John)

The Royal Parish of Santos Juanes (St John) earned its royal decree from Queen Isabel II who visited the parish in 1858. The Royal Parish of Santos Juanes has been listed as a National Artistic Historical Monument since February 1858 although the exterior of the church, where the blind oculus faces Central Mercat, has a somewhat neglected appearance. The numerous statues adorning the rear facade and along the top of this church, however are exquisite.

There are many churches in Valencia and each church we find is uniquely interesting. Inside the Royal Parish of St John we were drawn to the 12 large statues depicting the 12 tribes of Israel. We also enjoyed the unique and numerous shades of colored marble used especially to decorate the side chapels. The huge dome crowning the church has wonderful frescoes decorating it. However, much of the ceiling remains covered as restoration work continues.

On one visit we were surprised to find the air hazy and filled with the enticing aroma of incense. There is so much to see and learn here we found it worth a second visit.

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