Cathedral of Valencia

This cathedral is one of the few that has an entrance fee. However like many museums here, once you reach retirement age, your fee is either reduced or waived entirely. Included in the entrance fee are headphones and recorded history for multiple sites throughout the cathedral.

As with many churches this cathedral has a long and varied history. Initial groundbreaking for the Cathedral was in 1262, although the majority of the cathedral was built between the 13th and 15th centuries.

There are so many interesting historical treasures found in the side rooms, including the Holy Chalice that has been the official papal chalice for many popes. This chalice with Arabic inscriptions dates from the 1st century. The Chapel of the Holy Chalice, a smaller room down a hallway, gave us a sense of warmth, peace and solitude that differed from the main cathedral. A lovely peaceful place that invites you to stay awhile.

We also both love the colorful medieval hymnal manuscripts and this cathedral has a wonderful collection. These magnificent manuscripts are detailed works of arts themselves and are now fragile and so precious.

This is a truly beautiful Valencian Gothic style church that is worth the entrance fee.

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