Parish of Saint-Eloi

Saint Eloi Church is a smaller Gothic church built in 1245. This church also shares a wall with the Grosse Cloche. (Big Bell)
Today the Institute of the Good Shepherd, a newer society of apostolic life acknowledged in 2006 by the Vatican, manages this property. This church has an interesting and varied history up to and including the most recent 20 years when it was reopened to the public.
The Grosse Cloche (Large Bell), weighing 7,750 kilos, or 8.5 tons, is one of the oldest belfries in France.

We liked this Latin inscription which is inscribed on the bell.

“I ring the hours and my voice is a call to arms, I sing for happy events and weep for the dead”.

The bell rings the first Sunday of each month at noon and then only six other times a year for major celebrations such as Bastille Day, VE Day and Remembrance Day.

The gateway where the bell is hung also served as a prison and there are many names etched in the prison walls.

The only way currently to visit the Grosse Cloche is to take a tour and ascend the 150+ steps. It is easy though with stops at numerous landings. Our tour guide was well informed and shared many interesting historical antidotes.

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