Église Saint Pierre

The church of Saint Peter has a long and varied history.

We learned there is evidence from as early as the 6th century of an excavation of an early church dedicated to the apostle St Peter. Written records also show that a Roman church existed at the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Later from 1152, when Bordeaux and the entire Acquitane region was ruled by the English, it became the parish for English nobles and merchants, many of whom are buried in the cemetery here.

In the middle of the 14th century, the [current] church was rebuilt on the former site of the Gallo-Roman sea port of ancient Burdigala (the early name for Bordeaux).

In 1882 the interior of he church was re-constructed and in 1908 the exterior of the church underwent an exterior restoration.
Excavated near the church was a magnificent bronze statue of Hercules that is in the Museum of Aquitaine today. It would have decorated the entrance to the ancient, now back-filled, Roman port.
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