Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux

The sensational Cathedral of Saint Andrew of Bordeaux, commonly referred to as the Bordeaux Cathedral, is the seat of the Archbishop of Bordeaux.
This large Gothic church can be found in the heart of the city. A small part of the interior walls originated from an 11th century cathedral. The cathedral we visited today was rebuilt beginning in the 12th century and is an amazing 800+ years old!
The 66 meter (217 feet) tall cathedral bell tower, named Pey Berland, was built separately from Saint-André Cathedral between 1440 and 1500 to protect the Cathedral from the vibrations of the bells. Prior to a storm in 1617, when the tower lost its upper deck (the nostrum), Pey Berland had actually been the tallest building in Bordeaux.
When the tower was finally completed it had no bell and due to a lack of funds, the church would have to wait another 350 years before they could acquire one. In those interim years the tower was used for housing, storage and at one time even a lead factory. Finally, in 1853, a massive 11 ton bell, the 4th largest in France, was installed and the bell began to toll in the Pey Berland tower.

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